In the realm of August Homes, where modern time-sharing meets picturesque European getaways, Villa Valeria emerges as a vibrant hub for co-owners seeking community and connection.

Conceived as a fictional oasis for existing August homeowners, Villa Valeria beckons with promises of shared experiences and local delights. Here, co-owners can effortlessly navigate home availability and forge bonds with fellow adventurers. As an added touch of hospitality, Villa Valeria spoils its guests with complimentary hampers brimming with locally sourced treasures from independent farmers upon their arrival.

Villa Valeria
Villa Valeria

Recognising the need for adaptability and versatility, we crafted a foundational brand identity that is uniquely extravagant and effortlessly elegant. This simplicity serves as the canvas upon which each August region paints its unique identity.

With distinct colour palettes and typography derived from the foundational brand, each region exudes its own charm and personality, allowing for bespoke product packaging and a tailored experience for every guest.

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