We act as a creative space for brands who want to truly get involved in the design process

We provide everything entrepreneurs need to ignite the creativity that will make their brand unique.

Our approach is bespoke – we combine our vision with our clients’ to create brand identities that not only look effortlessly cool but work on a deeper level


We celebrate collaboration and the sharing of ideas at every stage.

We believe creatives and brands need to come together in order to create something truly meaningful.


I’m Nieve, the founder of WOB Studio.

I could say WOB stands for “Women-Owned Business”, but really, it was just a funny-sounding nickname I got in school.

Growing up, I was obsessed with all things art and design.  delved into the graphic design space straight from school which sparked a love for crafting real-life things from simply a vision.
My mission is now to help creative brands find their voice by working alongside them to think up seriously soulful brand identities.

Find out more about WOB Studio – the collaborative process where we explore your creative spark for a clever, co-created brand identity.



Crafting sincere brands from collaborative design

WOB Studio is a creative space for brands to truly get involved in the creative process. We work with you to ignite your creativity and move mountains.
We create brand identities that not only look effortlessly cool but also work on a deeper level. We build designs that really work and that our clients feel proud of through an exciting, coolheaded and composed process.