The Rochambeau Club needed a comprehensive array of brand assets to bring their imaginative concept to life. This encompassed everything from development of their logo suite capturing the essence of their fictional French tennis club to designing distinctive labels for their new wines and merch.

They needed captivating mockups and print designs that showcased their tennis club aesthetic, their wines, merchandise in all their quirky glory. And of course, a brand with such a playful and whimsical approach required equally captivating social media content. Their socials needed to exude the same charm that sets them apart, and really establish their personality.

The Rochambeau Club
The Rochambeau Club

Their social media followers increased, with their brand new captivating and playful content. Interest in their business and brand soared, and they received mentions on TikTok, expanding their reach even further. The business has grown a lot in the past year – both word-of-mouth buzz and social media have contributed to their success. Social media has become a powerful tool for their expansion, allowing them to attract a much broader audience.

Working together on a long-term basis has been highly beneficial. Through a steady rotation organic conversation and planning as well as regular, spot-on designs, we’re advancing towards sustained brand growth. We're thrilled with The Rochambeau Club's achievements and look forward to more.

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