Rose & River, a self-care salon and wellness brand based in East London, reached out to us for a brand refresh, wanting to revamp their outdated look and bring in more of their feel-good philosophy. Rose & River provide treatments and products to promote wellness and taking care of yourself! They’re an innovative beauty brand that believes self-care is central to a balanced lifestyle. They offer a range of different treatments in a warm, welcoming, calm space where customers can rest and relax.

Lucy, the founder of Rose & River, was looking for a modern and exciting brand that communicated their values and mission better. She loved our unique style and approach to design, which made us even more eager to collaborate with her.

Rose & River
Rose & River

We absolutely loved collaborating with Lucy and Rose & River.

Helping them elevate their brand and bring in more personality was incredibly rewarding. Previously, their outdated and generic visual identity lacked the impact they desired. However, with purposeful design decisions guided by logic and reasoning, their brand identity has been transformed into a recipe for success.

Rose & River are now in a position where they can attract more clients and customers, especially younger audiences who are interested in their products. The brand now exudes a more established and elevated feel, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. The new look truly speaks to their values and mission, setting them apart as a standout brand in the self-care and wellness industry.

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