If you live in Manchester, we highly recommend you get yourself down to MOREJOY. Everything is made from scratch, right down to the spice blends and condiments. The food is delicious and we feel honoured to have designed their brand identity.

The aim of this branding project was to encapsulate the founders seaside, northern roots by taking inspiration from authentic English chippies and old school Chinese takeaway restaurants. The idea behind the menu is to infuse these two cuisines, offering items like battered haddock bao buns smothered in miso tartar sauce. Trust us, it's incredible.


We loved the whole concept and infused these references into the identity in different ways. One of our favourite brand easter eggs is the use of the chippy fork shape within the fish illustration.

We visited and soaked up the atmosphere at their launch party, feeling proud to have been a part of this special project.

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