For the past 18 months, our client has delved into the depths of innovation, perfecting a method to mass-produce liquid vinyls without compromising quality or affordability.

At the core of Bad World's identity lies a deliberate fusion of liquid dynamics and timeless appeal. The logo design epitomises this marriage, intertwining fluid, lava-like shapes with a robust, classic typeface. The fluid 'O' serves as a visual metaphor for the liquified vinyls, while the bold typography exudes charisma and edge, reflecting the brand's essence.

Bad World
Bad World

Drawing inspiration from classic Gothic style fonts, our brand's foundation embodies timeless charm. Intermittently, the Liquid Display Font introduces a contemporary, fluid flair, symbolising innovation and dynamism. Balancing tradition with modernity, the Compact Helvetica Typeface ensures legibility while adding a sleek edge, culminating in a cohesive visual identity.

Bad World invites you to explore a liquid revolution where vintage vibes seamlessly merge with futuristic allure, offering a unique sensory experience in vinyl design.

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