Our client was launching an interior design and architecture studio in London, and was looking to stand out from competitors.

The aim of this design project was for Riolondon’s brand identity to be the masculine voice in a sea of soft, feminine interior brands. Nico, the founder of Riolondon, was looking for a unique and exciting brand identity that communicated his values and mission and "crashed" into the interior design industry. He loved our unique style and approach to design, and after working with us on a previous project, Villa Valeria, Nico was eager to collaborate with us again.


RioLondon’s brand identity now portrays a very sophisticated and distinctive character that crashes into your home.

We absolutely loved collaborating with Nico, helping him bring his spirited ideas to the identity. The brand is now in a position where it can attract soulful customers who are looking into creating unique spaces that still feel like home. The brand now exudes a bold and elevated feel that truly speaks to Nico’s values and mission, setting RioLondon apart as a standout interior design brand in the ever-growing industry.

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