How can we keep a brand’s identity up to date, but at the same time create a head-turning design that sets its own path?

Crafting a long-lasting brand identity can sometimes be a challenging job, especially when you need it to continue to be fresh, modern and timeless.

To get a better sense of what the key elements are in bringing your branding to its success, we’re gonna look at what currently inspires us: trends.

The term refers to a subject, theme or any kind of reference that’s popular at the moment and inspires us to follow a particular aesthetic.

If we take a closer look at what is on trend inside the branding community, we can recognise design patterns being followed continuously and sometimes even over-used.

It’s important to ask ourselves: how can we keep a brand’s identity up to date, but at the same time create a head-turning design that sets its own path?

We have an award-winning answer for that:

You do it by building a strong creative direction that connects deeper to the character of your brand, not just the visual aesthetic.

And…we’ve got some ideas on how you can do it.

Get inspired

You can always get inspired by what people are loving at the moment.

Allowing your brand to see what’s current and adapt it’s angle when it comes to perhaps social media posts/ads or reels is important in staying fresh and interesting.

But be careful, don’t get too attached to these trends, since they come as fast as they go.

Create your storyline

Build your identity in a way that resonates the true essence of the brand.

Hold on to your storytelling and how you want others to feel when interacting with your brand.

When you have a strong and considered background, you can always add a fresh tone of voice to take advantage of trends and keep things relevant.

Bring your brand to its natural core

To create a design that will be unique and bold for many years to come, make sure to define and embrace all the elements of your brand’s personality, every little detail matters and  helps uplift its character.

Your identity is going to steal the spotlight once its soul starts to speak through design!

Be a soulful trendy brand

Strong and considered brand identities are those that can shift and jump easily on trends, while working it onto their identity with no fear of loosing their essence.

At WOB we embrace uniqueness within every touch.  

We invite you to discover the power of truly soulful branding and set a spark under your business's success with WOB Studio.

Welcome to our world of soulful branding!

Wob x