The Brief: a Brand Identity That Didn’t Fit the Vision

Let me tell you about the amazing journey we had with Rose & River, a self-care salon and wellness brand based in East London.

They reached out to us for a brand refresh, wanting to revamp their outdated look and bring in more of their feel-good philosophy. Rose & River provide treatments and products to promote wellness and taking care of yourself! They’re an innovative beauty brand that believes self-care is central to a balanced lifestyle. They offer a range of different treatments in a warm, welcoming, calm space where customers can rest and relax.

Lucy, the founder of Rose & River, was looking for a modern and exciting brand that communicated their values and mission better. She loved our unique style and approach to design, which made us even more eager to collaborate with her.

Logo Suite

The Problem: An Old-Fashioned and Outdated Identity

The problem was clear – their old-fashioned branding was missing that vibrant essence they wanted to convey. Lucy shared her vision with us, and we got on the same page quickly. Our goal was to create a brand identity that was fresh, tasteful and communicated all the feel-good vibes in an elegant way.

“Our branding was very simple, safe and missed the feel good element” – Lucy, founder of Rose & River.

When Lucy shared her ideas about the branding style she wanted for Rose & River, it was like she was reading our minds! The vibe she was drawn to was totally up our alley and aligned with the styles we adore. We hit it off right from the start, and it felt like we were on the same creative wavelength. As we dove into the project, we had two main goals in mind. First, we wanted Lucy to come away feeling incredibly proud and excited about her new brand. We were determined to give Rose & River a fresh and vibrant look that truly represented their feel-good philosophy. Second, we wanted the whole process to be smooth and stress-free for Lucy, considering her busy schedule.

The Process: Strategy, Colour Palettes and Logo Suites

With a fair amount of brainstorming and lots of creative discussions, we mapped out a strategy. We needed a new colour palette that stood out from competitors, yet reflected Rose & River's message perfectly. A new logo suite was a must – it had to tell their story and scream premium quality.

We also wanted to add a touch of uniqueness with visuals like abstract shapes and diagrams, highlighting the importance of self-care and balance. Our aim was to find that perfect balance of excitement and calmness in their branding.

As we dove into the project, we also created social media templates and updated their website to match the new look. We wanted the entire brand experience to be seamless and consistent.


The Result: A Balance of Exciting, Calm and Caring for the Rose & River Branding

The results were even better than we imagined! Lucy was thrilled with the outcome. She loved how we brought her vision to life and made the whole process feel smooth and stress-free. It's projects like these that remind us why we love what we do!

We absolutely loved collaborating with Lucy and Rose & River. Helping them elevate their brand and bring in more personality was incredibly rewarding. Previously, their outdated and generic visual identity lacked the impact they desired. However, with purposeful design decisions guided by logic and reasoning, their brand identity has been transformed into a recipe for success. Rose & River are now in a position where they can attract more clients and customers, especially younger audiences who are interested in their products. The brand now exudes a more established and elevated feel, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. The new look truly speaks to their values and mission, setting them apart as a standout brand in the self-care and wellness industry.

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​​"It was an absolute pleasure working with Nieve. She was super relaxed and easy to work with, I felt that I could communicate my thoughts and feedback honestly and she always took what I said onboard. She worked with me to make sure she understood my vision and brought everything I wanted to life. The whole process felt very smooth and she explained each stage to me so I knew exactly what to expect. I wanted to give our branding more personality and depth and Nieve has done exactly that. I would say the whole project from start to finish was clear, easy and straightforward. Each stage of the branding process was explained and communication was maintained throughout. WOB Studio took everything I had to say on board and always came back with great work."

- Jess, ROSE + RIVER