The Problem: a Brand Identity That Didn’t Fit the Vision

Before working with us, the team over at MAYA were facing challenges in establishing a brand identity that aligned perfectly with their vision.

They had previously collaborated with a designer but weren’t happy with the results. They had a strong concept in mind but they needed some development and fine-tuning, as well as social media curation, packaging, and product design.

From the outset, it was clear that we’d need a flexible, open-minded, and collaborative approach to unlock the true potential of this brand. Understanding the importance of working closely together, we embraced a partnership that was focused on bringing their creative vision to life.

So we set out to create a brand identity for MAYA that is perfectly aligned with their brand values and brand story, finding the precise balance between authenticity, luxury, and warmth.

The Process: Inspiration, Strategy and Execution

STEP 01: Brainstorming and visual exploration

Our collaboration with MAYA began with an in-depth brainstorming session, where we immersed ourselves in their vision, brand values, and existing visuals. We began delving into the materials they had in place, identifying areas that needed improvement and exploring why the current visuals fell short of their expectations.

02: Developing the brand identity:

With a clear understanding of the brand's essence, we started developing a cohesive and unique brand identity. This included creating a logo suite that would serve as the visual centrepiece of MAYA's brand. Alongside the logo, we chose a colour palette that conjured up feelings of luxury and warmth, resonating with their target audience – expecting mothers who need to feel serene and supported.

03: Bringing the brand to life:

To truly bring MAYA to life, we focused on two crucial elements: photography and packaging design. Photography served as a powerful medium to encapsulate the emotions, beauty, and authenticity of motherhood – we meticulously curated a collection of captivating images that resonated with the core values of the brand. Through a wholly collaborative process, we involved the MAYA team at each stage, constantly sharing our progress and insights to ensure they felt fully engaged with the project.

Step 04: Planning and timelines

Understanding the importance of delivering timely results, we collaborated closely with MAYA to establish a well-structured plan. Our objective was to achieve a swift 3-month turnaround for the entire brand identity, packaging/mockup design, and imagery generation process.

Step 05: Execution & success

We carefully orchestrated every detail to transform their brand vision into a tangible reality. With a well-crafted plan in place and a clear understanding of the desired outcome, we were able to achieve our targeted 3-month turnaround.


"Nieve's great - very easy to work with, comes up with loads of ideas and is solution orientated when it comes to the brief or deliverables."

- Jessica,  MAYA

Step 06: Finalising and preparing for print

As we reached the concluding phase of the project, we diligently finalised all the necessary files, ensuring they were ready for print and implementation across various brand touchpoints.

Step 07: Beyond the brand identity

Although our primary focus had been on brand development and packaging, we also helped MAYA enhance their social media presence.

The Results: A Website That Made MAYA Shine

Throughout our collaboration with MAYA, our primary focus was to curate a powerful and cohesive visual identity for their brand. We provided creative insights and fresh ideas that helped them overcome any creative hurdles they faced previously.

Understanding their challenges with design and print jargon, we stepped in to make the process stress-free. We not only crafted the brand identity but also assisted in finding suitable printers and packaging manufacturers, equipping the founders with the knowledge and resources they needed.

The result was a remarkable transformation of their initial ideas. With a balanced and creatively rejuvenated brand identity, MAYA emerged as an authentic and impactful brand with a compelling story. The founders could now envision MAYA as a real entity, ready for success.As our collaboration concluded, we left MAYA with a brand identity that truly reflected their vision and set the stage for a bright future.

They now stand out as an inspiring and authentic brand.