The Brief:

A Bold yet Gentle and Luxurious Brand Identity.

Linen Reform is an experienced and inclusive brand that aims to build a better future through revolutionising the home textile industry.

They are specialists on creating high quality sustainably-sourced products that are accessible to a wider audience, creating true social and environmental impact.The brand focuses on offering an opportunity to partake in social change through products that are exceptional in quality and accessible in price.

Nicole, the founder of the company, was looking for a delicate brand identity that elevated their sophisticated pieces and portrayed the nature of the brand’s character.

The Problem:

Standing Out from aimless home textile companies.

Linen Reform created beautifully designed, sustainable bedding and bath products, sourced from world’s leading eco-conscious manufacturers but was hiding behind a boring, 'trendy' identity that didn't resonate with it's soul.

The solution was clear – craft an identity that suited the purpose-driven spirit of the brand, through a soft and natural character.

After unsuccessfully working with previous designers, Nicole was hesitant about expressing her vision for the brand: creating a delicate brand identity that resembled the powerful ethical tone of voice of Linen Reform.

Being inspired by Nicole’s ideas and her passion for textiles, we worked with her step-by-step to developed a warm and soft identity that would naturally resonate with the brand’s products while standing out as a truly unique brand.

The Process:

Strategy, Colour Palettes and Logo Suites.

To connect deeper to Linen Reform’s principals, we curated a colour palette, logo suite and typography that would bring a sense of transparency and comfort into the brand’s products.

We also carefully selected found imagery that matched with the soft yet powerful character of Linen Reform combining warm interior design with a bliss of nature elements.

As we dove into the project, we also designed a brand new website and mockups to showcase the soulfulness of their products.

The Result:

A Balance of Ethical, Gentle and Down-to-Earth for Linen Reform Branding.

Linen Reform branding design ended up encapsulating perfectly the gentleness of their products in a comfortable and heart-warming identity.

We really enjoyed working with Nicole, helping her bring her unique and bold vision into reality. Linen Reform is now in a position where it can attract an eco-conscious community, that is especially looking into pursuing quality products that respect and care for the environment.

The new identity is going to allow the company to connect with their unique sense of nature and set themselves apart on the textile industry.


" Nieve is an extraordinary talented designer with a passion that drives her talent to execute. I sought to work with Nieve all the way from Canada and I couldn’t be happier with how she breathed new life into my company. Working with Nieve on my rebrand was the best decision that I made and I could not be more proud of the brand and art direction that she created. If you are looking for the best talent in design— look no further. Thank you, Nieve!!!! "

- Nicole, Linen Reform