The Brief:

An Elegant Brand Identity With an Intimate Touch.

Kas di Kos, originating from the Papiamento language spoken in Curaçao, embodies charm and delight.

It signifies a houseware brand dedicated to helping individuals curate their spaces from the moment they wake up to the moment they retire for the night.

Kas di Kos draws inspiration from the eight 'Dimensions of Wellness', transforming your home into a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul.

Serena, the founder of the company, was looking for a nurturing brand identity that could inspire individuals seeking to create homes that promote their well-being, through thoughtful home design.

The Problem:

Standing Out from the HomeDesign Market.

This new brand had to establish a strong soulful personality that would inspire customers to connect with their spaces.

Serena had a clear vision on how to do so: “Our vision lies in providing an intimate, exclusive, and gratitude-filled shopping experience.”

She envisioned building a comforting atmosphere where Kas di Kos could resonate with all of their customer’s most deep-seated emotions. Having Serena’s ideas all aligned with our favourite design ideas, we carefully curated the brand identity that could voice the soft delicate essence of the brand.

The Process:

Strategy, Colour Palettes and Logo Suites.

To allow Kas di Kos essence to come through the branding, we established a creative strategy where colour palette, logo suite and typography embrace the wellness experience that the brand provides.

We also wanted to incorporate a foundational comforting character for the brand, that connected with the desire to create new and intimate spaces.

As we dove into the project, we also updated the current website to match the new identity as well as taking over feed content and  visuals for their new social media. We wanted the entire brand experience to be a unique healing atmosphere where customers could resonate with Kas di Kos products.

The Result:

A Balance of Sophisticated, Comforting and Intimate for Kas di Kos Branding.

To say we are truly in love with this brand is an understatement.

The Kas di Kos brand identity portrays a soothing and natural brand personality that aligns with the purpose of their products.

We absolutely loved collaborating with Serena, helping her bring her sense of wellness and comfort into the project.

Kas di Kos is now in a position where it can attract a soulful community, especially for those who are are looking into bringing new experiences into unique spaces. The new look truly speaks to their values and mission, setting them apart as a standout brand in the home design industry.


"This is so beautiful! I honestly don't think I have seen something like this before. It was so important to capture a feeling through imagery and design and you guys did it. I don't have words for this particular feeling but it's definitely the right one. I would say the closest phrase to explaining the feeling is "freedom is the luxury of slowing down time". I want to go to this place that doesn't exist. I absolutely love it and will start scheduling posts right away." - Founder of KasdiKos