The Brief:

A Strong & Spicy Fictional Brand Identity.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we have been getting a lot of fictional brand identity work over the past year. Cowgirl Ranch has been an incredible example of what this can mean.

Our client is launching an alcoholic beverage and wanted to stand out from the crowd with a unique idea of building a fictional ranch surrounding her product. Cowgirl Ranch, home of the original bottled spicy margarita, Cowgirl Water, is a fictional ranch concept where the local cowgirls are ‘strong and spicy’.

This innovative and unique female-owned brand strives to empower women with a light-hearted and cheeky community, with the face of the brand being the fictional ranch. Sawyer, the founder of Cowgirl Ranch, was looking for a unique and exciting world to surround her values and mission. She loved our unique style and approach to design, which made us even more eager to collaborate with her and bring her brilliant ideas to life.

The Problem:

Standing Out in a Male-Dominated Crowded Market.

The alcoholic drinks industry is a crowded market with many well-established competitors.

Our client had a vision to build a unique brand from scratch that would turn heads and stand out from the rest. The goal was to create a brand identity from scratch that was immersive, tasteful and communicated strong n’ spicy cowgirls.

We hit it off right from the start, and it felt like we were on the same creative wavelength. As we got started with the project, we had two main goals in mind:

First, we wanted Sawyer to feel totally involved and in control of her project. We were determined to give Cowgirl Ranch an established look that truly represented it’s grit and effortless coolness.

Second, we wanted the whole process to be smooth and stress-free for Sawyer, considering her busy schedule.

The Process:

Strategy, Colour Palettes and Logo Suites.

With a fair amount of brainstorming and lots of creative discussions, we mapped out a strategy. We needed a colour palette that tied in with the product branding, yet felt like a unique brand for Cowgirl Ranch. A new logo suite was a must – it had to tell their story and scream cowgirl.

We also wanted to add depth to the brand with realistic mock-ups that brought the brand to life, making the fictional ranch feel like a real place you can visit. Our aim was to create a fictional ranch without it feeling gimmicky or cheesy.

As we dove into the project, we created social media templates, mock-ups and carefully selected found imagery to match the vibe of the brand. We wanted the entire branding experience to feel seamless and consistent.

The Result:

A Balance of Exciting, Unique and Spicy for Cowgirl Ranch’s Branding.

Cowgirl Ranch’s brand identity is unique, cool and full of personality.

This is one of our most exciting projects to date. We are absolutely loving collaborating with Sawyer, helping her bring her ideas to fruition.

The brand is still new, but we are confident that this innovative marketing concept will help Cowgirl Water make a big impact upon launch. With purposeful design decisions guided by the client, the new brand identity has been developed into a recipe for success.

The brand now exudes an established and elevated feel, leaving a lasting impression on their audience. The branding truly speaks to Sawyer’s values and mission, setting Cowgirl Water apart as a standout drinks brand in the ever-growing industry.