The Brief:

A Simple Brand Identity With a Unique Edge in under one month.

Bad World is the first company globally that is mass manufacturing liquid-filled vinyl records. They remark the importance of building a community of people who love the format they're creating,  as well as bringing the best artists in the world to that form.Craig, the founder of the company, was looking for an exclusive brand identity that could take on the iconic liquid of the lava lamp, into the soul of the brand’s identity. His vision for the project was very clear and we immediately knew what we needed to do to achieve this one-of-a-kind brand identity.

The Problem:

Creating an immersive identity with a deadline.

The problem was clear – This new brand had to fall into the vinyl industry with strong creative direction to captivate all and immerse viewers and we had a closer deadline than usual to work on this.

Craig had ideas on what he was looking for: “We want people to feel like they're visiting a store like no other record shop, more like they've fallen into Wonderland than an ecommerce company. Art and physical music should be fun, expressionistic and playful.”

So, with everyone on board and on the same page, we got straight into it and began building an exciting musical world where design merges and melts with the vinyl’s liquid.

The Process:

Building the identity from the ground up.

To create Bad World’s identity, we came up with a creative strategy that would bring customers closer to the brands product. For that we set a vibrant colour palette and a sophisticated typography that would resemble the vinyl’s spirit in a playful manner.

We also wanted to add a playful character to the brand, by interacting with the circular shapes, that bring us closer to the vinyl pieces and their spinning movement.

As we dove into the project, we also designed and built a fresh new website to match the new identity.


The Results:

A truly cool and immersive brand identity in under one month.

The results were even better than we imagined. Bad World’s brand identity fit like a glove and is connecting with a very passionate audience.

We absolutely loved collaborating with Craig, helping him bring his ideas to life. Bad World is now in a position where it can attract a devoted community, especially music enthusiasts who are interested in finding a special connection to liquid-filled vinyls.

The brand now exudes a defined personality and is ready to completely take over the vinyl industry.