The Brief:

Aléna is a luxury hospitality brand based in India. We’ve been working with them to create an unforgettable brand identity and a fully custom website from scratch.

The Aléna team's vision was to exude a feel of premium luxury, whilst symbolising the spirit of India in their branding. Beyond simply offering accommodation, they provide an array of top-notch services, including catering, event management, and personalised caretaking.

The Problem: Embodying the Spirit of the Brand.

From the very start, we understood how important it was going to be to craft a brand that exuded opulence, character, and a deep connection to India, the home of its founders. 

The challenge was clear – Aléna needed a comprehensive brand build that would embody their spirit and pave the way for the company's growth.

The Process: Careful Strategic Balance

Our creative direction breakdown and concept generation were integral in shaping the brand's unique identity. We carefully crafted every element to symbolise luxury and a connection to India and Africa, the home countries of Aléna’s founders. 

The inclusion of a tiger in their branding served as a powerful reference, representing the regal beauty of India and Africa.

As we advanced through the project, the brand took shape, and a sense of grandeur and exclusivity oozed from the project. We took pride in creating a brand that truly reflected Aléna's vision and summoned a sense of trust among their target audience.

Currently, we are in the process of building their fully custom website. It is an exciting phase, and we're working diligently to ensure that every aspect of the website aligns with the luxurious brand identity we have crafted for Aléna.

The Result: a Luxurious Brand that Powers Growth.

We have been on this journey with Aléna for over 4 months now, and the results are already promising. Their brand now exudes an air of luxury, and we are confident that it will pave the way for a successful business and growth. 

“You have been very intuitive about the elements I want in my designs, right from the logos to the colours, and then the web design too.” – founder of Aléna

Our collaboration with Aléna has been a truly enriching experience, as we celebrated the beauty of India and Africa through design and a lot of strategy. We look forward to witnessing Aléna's continued success and the impact they will make in the world of luxury hospitality, as their brand journey continues to unfold.


“At the moment I'd say the branding is the strongest asset my business has.” – Founder of Aléna