Crafting sincere brands from collaborative design
Design should be purposeful, free-flowing, heartfelt and inspired

Your brand is more than just a logo.

It takes a mindful cocktail of strategy and creative direction to nurture connection with your audience.

We investigate your spark and infuse it into your brand identity to bring stories and honest design together. 


The creative space that helps brands speak their soul.
WOB Studio is a creative space for brands to truly get involved in the creative process. We work with you to ignite your creativity and move mountains. 
We create brand identities that not only look effortlessly cool but also work on a deeper level.

We build designs that really work and that our clients feel proud of through an exciting, coolheaded and composed process.


A meaningful collaborative process where co-creation is celebrated

We co-create brands driven by passion in a conscious environment engineered to foster connection and character. We design brands that stir emotions, fully aligned with your heart and soul.
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“The detail they go into not only make me feel like they well and truly understand the direction we are going in, but they walked me through every stage building my excitement the whole time!”

- Elise, The Elven Smith

“WOB knew when to lean in, dig deeper and when to push back. It was a pleasure to work with Nieve, and we're excited to work with WOB Studio again.”

- Daniela, Findable

"I wanted to give our branding more personality and depth and WOB has done exactly that.”

- Jess, Maya



We create bespoke brand identities that not only look effortlessly cool but come from careful planning and purposeful design decisions.
We don't believe in the "brand in a day" or "brand in a week" mentality. We take the time to delve deeply into each brand and learn the ins and outs to get things right.
We celebrate collaboration and the sharing of ideas, empowering our clients to be part of the process every step of the way.

Step 01

Give us your details & book in a call with us by filling out the form above

Step 02

We will jump on a call with you and explore how it is we can help

Step 03

We get you booked in, on-boarded and begin to strategise and plan your brand identity together...

We then start the careful process of crafting or developing your brand

Step 04

We complete our project together and you receive your files in a full toolkit ready to use.


I’m Nieve, the founder of WOB Studio.

I could say WOB stands for “Women-Owned Business”, but really, it was just a funny-sounding nickname I got in school.

Growing up, I was obsessed with all things art and design.  delved into the graphic design space straight from school which sparked a love for crafting real-life things from simply a vision.
My mission is now to help creative brands find their voice by working alongside them to think up seriously soulful brand identities.

Find out more about WOB Studio – the collaborative process where we explore your creative spark for a clever, co-created brand identity.